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Optimize a studio

Crea-Inside will give you some secrets to push the walls! This is surely what you dream of for the renovation of your studio !

But maybe also for the renovation of your bathroom

The fusion of the sleeping area and the living room is often an obligation. But not always… There follows the need to optimize each available space for storage. Thus we will integrate shelves under a staircase, drawers under a box spring, a bench bed itself incorporating storage, a transparent partition shelf to optimize space on floor to ceiling! Here is somehow the common thread of the studio renovation ! Gain some ground ! Still and always !
Regarding the furniture, we will consider small furniture, often suspended in order to gain as much floor space as possible.

When it comes to sleeping, the retractable bed is often a particularly interesting solution. Just like the sofa bed or the bed on wheels. The storage opportunities that may arise from installing a high bed, such as on a platform or mezzanine, for example, should not be ruled out either.
As for the kitchen , it could eventually find its place, if possible, at the junction between this sleeping area and the living area . Why not on the other side of a cleverly studied separator island. Obviously, it will probably have to be perfectly open to the living space. Giving up partitions is a vital imperative! Unless you make it a pretext for storage … This is precisely where the Crea-Inside expertise will come in ; transform constraints into advantages.
Now let’s take a look at the powder room. Commercial furniture and equipment that does not meet the constraints of renovating a bathroom in a studio; Crea-Inside will offer you tailor-made solutions that will never deny your comfort …
  • “Full-white” atmosphere and mirrors to enlarge the space and not to overwhelm.

  • Maximum simplification of fittings and equipment

  • Creation of openings

  • Use of the same floor, wall and ceiling pattern to forget the angles ...

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