Dupoint Architect

Renovation of a modern living room

This new Dupoint-Architect project, my client was looking for a tailor-made salon .

His goal ? Reconcile a soothing atmosphere and necessary storage. Or how do you combine business with pleasure?
It is therefore quite natural that we have oriented this “salon renovation” towards “full white” for the specific characteristics of white: lightness, sobriety, purity … But also towards “open” to abide in this sense: decompartmentalization rather than confinement! In search of a feeling of infinity… None of this could be translated by a preconceived library…

A total “white” which is therefore not devoid of contrasts! The full and the empty, the closed and the open, the dark and the light are harmoniously intertwined in this living room layout … There is also a “naked” painting to be able to renew personalized decorative accessories.

Successful bet for this Dupoint-Architect living room layout, built with four hands! An elegant contemporary white lounge, “tailor-made”, with futuristic lines…
Sensation of purity and sobriety for a cocooning and refined atmosphere.



Type of project:



Renovation and Development