Dupoint Architect

Renovation of a living room

Haussmannian apartment which had been renovated previously. His office had two entrances, a glass door to the entrance and a fixed wall leading to the living room. Walls and ceiling had been lined with dark panels.

The project concerned the total renovation of the room: electricity, painting and renovation of the parquet. The objective of Dupoint-Architect was to eliminate the dubbing, block off the access to the entrance and open a large access to the living room. Thus we obtained: an office open to the living room, the restored friezes on the ceiling, a brighter room and an additional wall on the entrance side.

In addition, we accentuated the Haussmannian style with the creation of moldings on the lower walls, thanks to a contrasting color: gray was chosen by my clients. Ceiling and upper part of the walls, in white to illuminate the room.
And finally, on the back wall, visible from the living room, a “Crea-inside” library unstructured, “pure, elegant, contemporary”. A light strip, horizontal, halfway up, was created for mood lighting.
We have reintroduced two antique pieces of furniture, the desk and an armchair, to create a contrast between “the old” and “the modern”.

My clients are always enthusiastic about this achievement. I have very fond memories of it. Working in the old with the modern is an exciting design exercise where aesthetics are in a delicate balance.



Type of project:

Sector 9, Uttara