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LED lighting

Let’s first put things in context; the indirect lighting classic existed before the indirect LED lighting. It is simply a diffusion of light through a reflective medium such as the wall or the ceiling. It is much less aggressive lighting than direct lighting. On the other hand, conventional indirect lighting is not very energy efficient because only part of the light rays are ultimately reflected.
This is a first point marked by indirect LED lighting. And there are others !
Dupoint-Architect explains why you choose this technology.
Whatever your project, bathroom renovation , living room renovation , kitchen renovation or to room , making the choice of LED strips is also making the savings, ecology and durability !
It is also the possibility of marrying the reliefs of your rooms and your furniture. LED strips can therefore be used perfectly within the framework of staircase markings, on plinths along a corridor, at the level of a bed companionway, etc.
LED strips are definitely suitable for any room. They will create an atmosphere that can be personalized as desired. Indeed, “dimmable” LED strips allow a variation in light intensity while some also support at the same time a colorimetric variation. 

We therefore often choose LED technology in a living room renovation to highlight moldings on the ceiling or to give a feeling of extra space in a room of modest size. Useful in indirect lighting, LED strips produce a particularly homogeneous light devoid of cast shadows. Which is likely to provide real visual comfort.
As part of a kitchen renovation , Créa-Inside combines functional lighting and indirect LED lighting. Placed along the splashback or under the worktop, the LED strip creates a particularly interesting visual effect.
Have you heard of the IP68 rating? This is quite simply the characteristic of certain LED strips allowing their use directly in a shower head! What to bring a relaxing touch to the renovation of your bathroom. Used around the mirror, LED lighting represents a complementary solution to functional lighting which very often emits direct light causing shadows. So the LED strips will soften the contours and warm the atmosphere.
In this regard it is essential to pay attention to the color temperature. Typically in the context of a bathroom we will opt for indirect LED lighting, the temperature of which is between 4000 and 5000 K. In order to approach a neutral white.
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