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The art of lighting

Light is not limited to illuminating. It expresses an identity, symbolizes a philosophy, carries a message.
AKARI-LISAISHII, Light designer
Lighting is unfortunately often relegated to the background in a construction or renovation project. This is a fundamental error because light is synonymous with life! Just that ! Dupoint-Architect returns this month to the light to try to see more clearly!
Lighting must occupy a prominent place in the priorities as well as decoration or development. First of all, we must distinguish between the different types of lighting. General, he’s waking up a room. Ambiance, it will create an atmosphere. Functional, it will allow specific security activities to be carried out.
Then come considerations such as power, color temperature or luminous flux.
Kitchen lighting and renovation The kitchen is a functional place but also more and more convivial. At Dupoint-Architect, we always take care to maintain this balance by lighting the activity areas with a localized light source, sufficiently strong, close to daylight and homogeneous. While providing soft and indirect decorative lighting for conviviality. For this purpose we often have recourse to indirect lighting by led.
Living room lighting and renovation
The living room is the cozy space par excellence where the lampshades traditionally flourish! They should not, however, have a monopoly. The right combination of general lighting and point lighting is obtained by combining different light sources. Directional spotlights, lampposts, wall lights, led strips
Bathroom lighting and renovation
If natural light is ideal in a bathroom, a suitable artificial light source will bring it closer. Indispensable, the functional lighting installed at the level of the mirror will allow you to comfortably carry out beauty rituals. Here a clear light of the “daylight” type will therefore be essential. While the room as a whole can receive subdued lighting opening the way to relaxation.
Bedroom lighting and renovation
For a bedroom Crea-Inside will pay particular attention to the choice of lighting. Whether for the creation of a bedroom with a custom-made dressing room, for example, or more commonly for a renovation. The most common mistake is to reduce the equation to the famous triptych: a ceiling-type light point associated with 2 bedside lamps. On the contrary, increasing the number of light points can make it possible to obtain a more subdued atmosphere conducive to falling asleep. While opening up the possibility of specific, more functional and targeted lighting as required by the walk-in closet.